About KembloX (TM)

KembloX is an educational system for illustrating many aspects of the chemistry of ionic compounds. The pages of this site provide detailed information about the system, and about its uses and some of its applications.

For details and orders 🙂 , contact us by phone at 401-847-7287, or by e-mail at kemblox@yahoo.com


  1. Very interesting and intriguing. It has promise for teaching high school chemistry, college general chemistry, introductory chemistry, and chemistry for health sciences.


  2. This is an educational tool with some broad potential. Even for students younger than the expected target audience, KembloX offers non-verbal connections and associations with scientific ideas looming on their academic horizon.


  3. This is a great addition to any introductory chemistry curriculum! A novel and effective learning tool that students can literally put their hands on!


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