Is the KembloX System Effective

For the hearing impaired or just if you prefer to read along, we have provided a transcript of the video below as an alternative to close-captioning.

Hello, I am Doctor Benedict Aurian-Blajeni, creator of the KembloX system. The following material presents our attempt to quantify the answer to the title question.

The link at the bottom of the slide points to an introduction to the KembloX system for people not yet familiar with it.

We set out to get an experiment-based answer to the question

“Is the KembloX system effective?”

The experiment focused on the effect of using the KembloX system on the students’ grades in the classroom/laboratory. The students’ scores consistently improved as a result of a class activity using KembloX.

In order to assess the effectiveness of the KembloX system, we conducted a “before and after” experiment.

The experiment ran during three consecutive years (2017-2019), on two to three different groups of students in each year. Every year, each group was supervised by a different instructor. The data were collected under the diligent stewardship of Prof. K. Higgins at Salve Regina University.

A short quiz on formula units was administered before the KembloX system was introduced to students.

Using the KembloX system after the quiz, students performed a class activity which required students to build formula units of various compounds.

The compounds’ models are built through instructor-guided selection of ions from the chart of ions that is an integral part of the KembloX system.

Unannounced to the students, a similar quiz was administered at the end of the activity.

The quizzes were graded on a scale 0-100. The difference of scores before and after the quiz were recorded and a two-tailed paired t-test was run on the result, at the p 0.05 level of significance.

The experimental results are presented below.

As seen, the scores are consistently higher as a result of the KembloX-based class activity. The smallest improvement associated with the highest scoring group is expected, because there were more scores with no improvement possible (100%); however the declines in score were tallied.

Kemblox student scores stats


Kemblox is effective