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Hello everybody,

In order to assist current KembloX users, future KembloX users, and potential KembloX users, a new page has been created on the site. The page is entitled “CLASS ACTIVITIES” and it will comprise models of activities related to the use of the KembloX™ system in the classroom and/or in the laboratory. The models can be tailored by educators according to their needs and preferences.

For starters, a first class activity was published, to be followed by other class activities. This first class activity is simply entitled “Ionic Compounds Modeling with the KembloX™ System” and can be used in connection with the following topics:

-Definition of Anions and Cations

– Naming ions, both monatomic and polyatomic

-Formula Unit (aka Empirical Formula)

-Naming of ionic compounds, including Stock notation.

We hope that you will include this class activity into your syllabi, as KembloX™ proved to be an effective educational tool.

As always, KembloX appreciates feedback, ideas, and suggestions for improvement.

With best wishes for success,

Dr. Benedict Aurian-Blajeni