About Us

The KembloX system was ergonomically designed as a tool for teaching and learning the basic aspects of the ionic compounds’ chemistry. The system was created by Dr. Benedict Aurian-Blajeni, an educator with over 20 years of teaching experience. Dr. Benedict Aurian-Blajeni designed the system because of the lack of commercial educational materials on the subject.

The KembloX system was created based on classroom observations of topics and approaches that were somewhat difficult to understand or misinterpreted by students. KembloX offers an intuitive hands-on tool for stimulating the visual and kinesthetic aspects of learning.

The KembloX system is appropriate for students at all levels. It has been used at Salve Regina University and Community College of Rhode Island, in Rhode Island, USA. It is considered for several STEM and STEAM programs, as well as for students with visual impairments.

Benedict Aurian-Blajeni