KEMBLOX system is in beta phase

The KEMBLOX™  system is currently in beta phase. That means that working models are available and have been tested on various small cohorts of students and educators, with consistently positive feedback. The KEMBLOX™ systems are made in small batches by artisanal methods. We are currently looking for partners to bring production to large scale. If interested in becoming a partner, please contact us by phone at 401-847-7287, by e-mail at, or by snail mail at 30 Pond Ave., Ste. 2, Newport, RI 02840, USA.



KembloX™ is a system designed to enhance the experience of learning the chemistry of ionic compounds.

With KembloX™, learning transforms from “work” into “play”, giving educators and students a hands-on tool to help promote the learning and understanding of important chemical concepts regarding ionic compounds, both inside and outside the classroom.